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Degree Medicine     SegellAcreditacioAQU_GMedicina_en

The Faculty of Medicine of Lleida has a tradition of over 700 years and is the oldest of the Crown of Aragon, and the fourth of the Iberian Peninsula. Created in 1300 by the king Jaume II, it is the first faculty of the peninsula where dissections of corpses and legal autopsies were performed.

Currently the Faculty of Medicine of Lleida has modern spaces adapted to the learning model that establishes the European Higher Education Area. These spaces are equipped with the latest teaching and research equipment: computer rooms, dissection rooms, laboratories and the videoconferencing room are some examples.

The Faculty staff consists of researchers from the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida (IRBLleida) and medical doctors from Hospitals of Lleida Province:  Arnau de Vilanova, Santa Maria, Tremp, La Seu and La Cerdanya. They offer an excellent teaching, personal development and personal relationships. 

  1st assignment at the end of the process
2010 11,654 11,040
2011 11,650 11,316
2012 11,944 11,680
2013 12,000 11,730
2014 12,044 11,907
2015 12,242 12,101
2016 12,305  12,187 
2017 12,311 12,110
2018 12,264 12,128
2019 12,293 12,180