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Internship information

COURSE 2020-21

Coordinator of the rotatory : Dra. Mariona Badia Castelló (

In the 6ª rotatory/course have to do 9 months distributed of the siguientet way:

100544 Medical Clinic/3 months:

Compulsory Internal medicine i two medical specialitys of a month.
Coordinator Dr. Jose Luís Moral Rull

100545 Surgical Clinic/2 months:

Cirurgía General compulsory and a surgical speciality of a month or two of 15 dias each one.
Coordinator Dr. Carmen Mine Carballal

100546 Clinic pediátrica/1month

Coordinator Dr. Jordi Bosch

100559 Clinic Obstétrica i Ginecológica/1month

Cordinadores; Dr. Xavier González ( )
Dr. Ma.José Pelegay (

100547 Medicine of Family/1month

Cordinador Dr. Eduard Peñascal

100548 Psychiatric Clinic/1 month

Cordinadora Dr. Iolanda Battle

ACOE: És compulsory do them in the Facultat Medicine UdL


1- Students that will make the rotatory in the UdL.
2- Students that haran all or part of the rotatory in centres alienos to the UdL.
3- Documents.