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Cross-disciplinary subjects

Cross-disciplinary subjects for students of the Faculty of Medicine

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The activities proposed by the Youth Council of the City of Lleida are:

Cruz Roja Youth IH                 F.Champagnat-kaleidoscope F.Champagnat-Step by Step    Down"wake up"              Assoc.Reintegre-Atenea
Cruz Roja Youth IFIR ASPID-NeuroLleida AFANOC Therapeutic orchard eco Asociación Colores Ponent
Cruz Roja Youth EPS ASPID-Work Insertion AGIPA Fundación Jericó Pisos inclusión-Ajuntament de Lleida
Cruz Roja Youth JE Art and Hospital ALFIN

Ayuntamento Lleida L2O

ARES-Ajuntament de Lleida
Cruz Roja Youth PCV Anti-AIDS "More than party" Diabetics  

Ayuntamiento Lleida NightsQ

Banco de Alimentos
Cruz Roja Youth School speak clear bereavement ADESMA Hackathon
CNL de Lleida Asociación Veins de Cappont Down group of volunteers Assoc.Reintegra-Alfa  


This offer is done in collaboration with the Youth Council of the City of Lleida. 


Applications will be processed through Eva Baldomà (tel 973 70 22 04) and Jordi Sabio (tel. 973 70 22 76) from the Secretary of Health Sciences, and Noemí Cierco of the Youth Council of the City of Lleida.

Noemí Cierco - Joventut

C/La Palma, 6-10 de Lleida

Telephone for information 973 700667